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cdtv_admin@cdtv.ca 01/21/2004
8:42 AM
At present, there are three DTV stations on air in Canada. CITY-DT on ch. 53 in Toronto and two CDTV test transmitters on ch. 64 in Montreal and ch. 67 in Ottawa. US border stations operating in DTV can be received in Toronto and Vancouver. Those receivable in Toronto are listed in a previous posting. HDTV is available by satellite on ExpressVu and Star Choice and on Rogers Cable.

2:07 PM
The National Association of Broadcasters who represents TV stations in the U.S. has a web page that lists all of the DTV stations that are currently broadcasting. Here is a a link to their page: www.nab.org/Newsroom/Issues/digitaltv/DTVstations.asp Many of these stations are currently broadcasting in low power. A station broadcasting 1000 kW is at full power when their broadcast antenna is at 305 meters. The following web site lists the technical information for all TV stations in North America: http://bellsouthpwp.net/w/b/wb9nme/tvdb/tvdb_qth.htm

8:19 AM
Toronto One DTV is now broadcasting OTA in Toronto on Ch 66 and in Hamilton on Ch 15.

9:21 PM
As of this date two more DTV stations have come on-air. The Craig Media stations CKXT-DT, ch. 66 in Toronto and CKXT-DT1, ch. 15 in Hamilton came on Feb. 15 and Feb. 17 respectively. Congratulations to Craig!

11:18 PM
I'm aware of CDTV, Channel 66 in Ottawa, but are they transmiting any programming at this time? What is happening with CBOT, CHOH, CIII and CHRO? I know that they have applied for DTV permits, but is there any timetable for their initial broadcasts?

9:55 PM
Transmitter Power CTV have started off the 2005-6 television season by proudly advertising High Definition programs. I think they have a moral obligation to desist. Why? because the transmitter they are using does not make them a player in the HD game. They have a transmitter which ranks 3rd out of 11 stations in the area. Their transmitter is 1/57th the power of the most powerful in the area. In the same vein, CITY-TV and GLOBAL should be even more embarrassed about the flea power transmitters they are or will use. Here is the data:
HDTV Transmitter Power (As listed on 'remotecentral.com)

1. CITY 53-1 1.2 kW
2. Global65-1 3.0 kW
3. CTV 40-1 17.4 kW
4. CHCH 18-1 30.0 kW
5. FOX 14-1 35.0 kW
6. CBC 20-1 38.0 kW
7. PBS 43-1 156.0 kW
8. ABC 38-1 358.0 kW
9. NBC 33-1 480.0 kW
10. CBS 39-1 790.0 kW
11. UPN 32-1 1000.0 kW
Don't you agree?
Yours truly,
Bob Sweet

Comment from Admin.

The numbers provided above are the ERP, effective radiated power, of the transmitter/antenna installation. Another major factor in regard to coverage is also the transmitting antenna height which is also a consideration in setting the allowable level of interference to co-channel and adjacent channel stations, both NTSC and DTV. The planning for DTV coverage is based on the DTV signal being 20 db below the equivalent NTSC signal, i.e. 1/100 of the transmitted ERP. There is thus no need for very large transmitter powers for DTV, particularly at high antenna heights. This is recognized in the Industry Canada planning for the introduction of DTV in Canada. In fact, the current transmitters in service provide good reception of the DTV signal throughout the GTA and well into the surrounding areas. Increasing the transmitter ERP’s would actually achieve little coverage improvement but greatly increase interference to the reception of other nearby stations.

11:12 AM
I cannot agree with your reply. I can't believe that Global TV in Toronto is going on the air with a 3.0kW transmitter when their affiliate CHCH TV is going on the air with a 30.0kW transmitter. I can't believe that CTV will interfere with anybody if they were to use the same power as CBC when you look at the power being used by CBS and ABC on adjacent channels in Buffalo. The bottom line is this, I can receive CBC but not CTV simply because the signal strength is too low; being on the CN tower is not helping to overcome the inadequate power level. If these power levels remain the same and the cable companies continue to hi-jack HD signals, unlike their US counterparts, I will be getting my TV OTA, watching US not CAN advertising into the forseeable future. I might become paranoid enough to suspect a Rogers/Cogeco consipiacy to trap TV watchers into exorbitant blackbox fees.
Yours for blackbox free basic TV,
Bob Sweet

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