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What happened to CDTV Montreal???
Nothing has been showing on it in a few days. I was expecting it to show the CBC hockey broadcast but there's still nothing.

I get a strong signal with my SIR-T151 (the DTV lock light is on but there's no content being shown.
1 02/23/2004 
8:17 AM
HD Televisions
Specifics and questions on models
4 02/22/2004 
10:01 PM
HDTV Owner & Disapointed
Ive just purchased a Toshiba 57 inch HDTV wide screen 16.9 format . Iam extremly disapointed with alot of the TV signals , I have a Digital Box that i purchased , and still my reception is worst than regular analog Cable signals. is it my wires? Connection?
1 02/15/2004 
10:16 PM
DTV Success in Richmond Hill
This site has been very helpful in my researching this new world of free OTA DTV/HDTV so I

thought I'd contribute my two cents:

I live in a bungalow in Northern Richmond Hill, and I mounted a $70 radioshack 15-8228

antenna inside my attic with a 50' run of RCA brand RG6 coax cable (home depot) and a radioshack UHF/VHF amplifier - together this provides excellent reception (better than analog cable) for all the major Analog NTSC Canadian channels (CBC, City, OMNI/CFMT, CTV, Global, Toronto1), and slightly snowy, but watchable (Fox 29, UPN, WNED, WB49), from Buffalo.

For Digital : Today I hooked up my Samsung SIR-T151 reciever, and now recieve DTV channels :

CityTV(Toronto) as well as Fox, WNED and CBS in buffalo - now the signal strength meter on the samsung unit indicates that the buffalo channels have weak signals, but despite this, the picture and sound are perfect ! - I'm now looking forward to the other channels going digital over the coming months and years.

The reason I mounted the antenna inside my attic instead of outside, is simply because I plan on moving this summer, and didnt want to go to the trouble of mounting it outside, only to have to move it again, but despite this, the results have been better than I hoped for, it only took me a couple of hours to set up and align the antenna, using the trial and error method, once I move I'll mount it properly, outside, and who knows, maybe I'll pull in a couple more channels ?

OTA reception is free, I only ever watch the networks, and have told bell with their ever increasing monthly bills to take a hike !
Use Of Opaque "Logo Bugs"
I can't grasp the logic of some local networks using opaque logo bugs superimposed over the US Networks semi-transparent one. Heck, would think that people in the business would have some conception of the "burn in" phenomenon that can damage many types of Tvs.

When I see one of these on a Canadian HD broadcast of an American network show I immediately switch to the Amaerican Channel and will continue to do so. Canadian HD broadcasters WAKE UP!! I'm not going to let you damage my equipment specially when it can be easily avoided on your part.
HDTV Success

I would like to see examples of successful systems that are using HDTV and OTA in Toronto. I have a home theater PC with a MIT MDP-120 HDTV tuner card. This card is supposed to be cabable of handling ATSC signals. I've hooked in a cheap indoor powered VHF/UHF atenna from Radioshack. I have had no success in being able to get channel 53 (HDTV Rogers). Any ideas on what the issue might be? Examples of successful configurations might help me in Troubleshooting my problems. P.S. I am located at Yonge & Eglinton in the City.

Neil Jetty
2 02/18/2004 
10:43 PM
canada dtv station listings,by city,channel #,and are in service,how can i find this info
4 02/19/2004 
9:21 PM
Terrestial Broadcast & Reception
Can you suggest what constitutes a suitable antenna for US OTA signals in border areas sucg as Oakville, ON?
2 01/21/2004 
1:55 PM
HD "Switching"
Greetings all, I just joined in.

As a Home Theater "NUT", I'm very excitied about what is available in HDTV from all sources in Canada (Cable, DSS and Antenna), but my concern is with ...... "Switching".

As you all know, it is Canadian Law that when a U.S. and Canadian station are broadcasting the same show, the Canadian channel will be inserted on top of the American channel, regardless of the audio and/or video quality.

This I've fought with Bell ExpressVu and now StarChoice because they mess up monthly. I've registered four complaints with the CRTC in
the past five months I've had StarChoice.

MY HDTV question is .... Now that CTV
and City-TV are broadcasting in HDTV and
Global-TV to follow soon I guess, will we still be stuck with the Canadian feed instead of watching the superior U.S. feed ???

StarChoice presently has six HDTV channels showing most of the U.S. primetime shows
and some of the NFL games.

I'll be buying my HDTV-TV and StarChoice HDTV Receiver next June when StarChoice adds more
HDTV channels. Can't afford it right now.

Now this switching situation may be different for HDTV because it is a HDTV signal and there are standards for a HDTV signal, are there ???

Take Care all
and look forward to e-chatting with you soon.

James Hobart
1 01/09/2004 
4:35 PM
USA-Canada Issues
I recently sent emails to both CBC and CTV concerning their plans to convert to ATSC broadcasting. Both replied with comments about their plans related to Satellite and/or Cable and basically ignored my questions about OTA (over the airwaves) broadcasting which is what I was clearly asking about. Needless to say, I was not favourably impressed.

I also recently sent emails to all of the US TV stations broadcasting into the Montreal area from the Burlington VT / Plattsburgh NY area, asking about their plans to convert to ATSC broadcasting. I currently receive 7 stations from that area using a rooftop antenna and their plans would have a significant impact on my decision as to if and when I would purchase an ATSC receiver (or two) to connect to my relatively new and expensive standard definition TV sets. Suitable receivers are readily available in the USA.

The Director of Broadcast Operations for the Burlington/Plattsburg affiliate of one of the major US broadcast networks sent me a reply which contained the following statements:

"The FCC has not yet granted WXXX* a construction permit due to our proximity to Canada. Canadian issues has further slowed the process."

These statements, coupled with the responses from CBC and CTV, immediately rang "alarm bells". So, I replied with the following comments (but have yet to receive a response):

"Your 'Canadian issues' comment sounds ominous to me. Is it possible that WXXX+ will not be permitted to broadcast ATSC signals into the Montreal area even though they have been broadcasting NTSC signals into this market for 30+ years? The major Canadian networks seem to be relying heavily on the Satellite and Cable companies to do the broadcasting of digital TV for them rather than converting their own OTA transmitters. I hope my suspicions are wrong because it will be a sad day for consumers in Canada if they are forced into using cable or satellite just to view TV stations they have been watching OTA since the early days of TV, some of them even before there was a single TV station in Canada. While such an anti-competitive situation would never be tolerated in the USA I have my doubts about what will happen here in Canada."

So, will consumers in Canada be forced to subscribe to satellite or cable services in the not too distant future or give up watching TV?
If this is the direction that Canadian TV is heading then this anti-competitive behaviour needs to be STOPPED dead in its tracks NOW!

Brian O'Leary

P.S. I have used WXXX as the call sign for the station involved so as to NOT identify the station before receiving permission to quote the respondent.
3 02/19/2004 
9:38 PM
HDTV in Oakville
What options do I have to get HDTV signals in Oakville, ON? We have Cogeco (as opposed to Rogers) and to the best of my knowledge they do not carry HDTV programming, nor have any timeframe announced
1 01/09/2004 
5:20 PM
HD OTA in Ottawa
When can we see HD OTA in Ottawa? Also, I've always heard that broadcast HD results in a better picture (less compression, higher bit rate) than HD over satellite or cable. Is this still true?
1 01/09/2004 
5:40 PM
Couverture TVHD
Concernant la transmission terrestre de TVHD
HDTV Coverage
Where and how to get HDTV off-air
5 02/19/2004 
8:22 AM
Home Theaters
How to get an HD cinema in the living room
Set -top Boxes
Terrestrial, satellite and cable
8 01/13/2004 
6:07 PM

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