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HDTV on Cable
Information on HD reception on cable
2 01/03/2005 
7:49 AM
Record in HD
Is there a DVD recorder that records in HD and then plays back in HD.
1 01/14/2005 
10:21 AM
HDCP and DVR's
Many of us HDTV enthusiast participate in HDTV Forums to exchange information. Digital Video Recorders (DVR) are becoming very popular as cable and satellite providers get in position to offer them. One such DVR, which I purchased, is the Scientific Atlanta SA8000HD which has a DVI output connection.

From your knowledge of the HDCP protocol, a cable service user with the above DVR connected to an HDTV via DVI, will the user be able to record programs and movies without restrictions including those flagged with the "Never Copy" flag for playback purposes? In it's HDCP file at http://www.siimage.com/pdf/223300.pdf Silicon Image clearly states the protocol "will not do away with time-shifting to enable viewing programs later." Therefore the HDCP protocol should be designed so that it may differentiate between a DVR and a device capable of generating a copy or copies such as a computer HDD.

Will Canadian Digital Telivision copy FCC rulings to become effective July 2005? And, can you provide an answer to the above?

2 01/03/2005 
6:55 AM
Prima plasma TV questions
I saw somewhere on this forum someone asking about the 42" Prima that Future Shop is selling for $2799.99. I got one. I am now trying to decide after the fact, if I want to return it and up-grade to the Panasonic TH-42PA20U 42" for $4377.00 which has much better reviews. I am not sure I want to spend $1807.00 (that's with taxes) if down the road the technology is so much better. The contrast ratio on the Prima is 1000:1 whereas the Pansonic has a really high ratio of 4000:1. Is this a concern? Are buyers purchasing the extra warranty for the extra $500.00 to $600.00? There is not a lot of info on the web about Prima Electronics Ltd. Are there any Prima TV owners out there and if so any feedback would be helpful.


Bonnie from B.C., Canada
14 01/18/2005 
4:29 PM
Can anyone tell me why TSN is using up an HD channel - when they transmit little or no HD programs?? They never show a CFL game in HD - never a Blue Jay home game in HD and today they managed to broadcast the CBS HD Open Tennis in the small screen format even though it was in HD four channels up on Rogers Cable.
Sportsnet at least shows all home Blue jay games in HD - and all of their in-studio programs are also in HD. But not so TSN.
3 01/14/2005 
10:49 AM
heavy pixelization & blocking
hey guys
I've been watching the Athens 2004 Olympics on NBC HD, and it would really be an amazing experience if it weren't for a pretty irritating and annoying occurence.In brief, all heavy-motion picture is pixelated and blocky, and since the sports are not staticky soap opera picture, that means that 90% of the content i ve been watching looks poor (swimming, track&field; etc)

My question is;
Who's to blame?, Is it my terminal, the hook-up(not being able to sustain the bandwidth)....is it my cable provider(Rogers), or is it the broadcaster(minimum-quality stream or something)

Thanks guys

adrian, mississauga

2 01/14/2005 
10:52 AM
What channels are true HD?
I was wondering if someone can give me a basic rundown of true HD content being offered. Im with Rogers, and when i flip HD channels; 277 thru 295 most of the programming seems like enhanced standard signal.The only true HD i receive and see is some ABC, NBC night shows,Toronto Blue Jays games, PBS though seems to be 24/7 true HD. Im also disappointed in Discovery Channel picture quality, ive yet to see a true HD broadcast from them.Fox TV too.

Thanks a lot

4 08/21/2004 
5:13 PM
HDTV Europe
jpbgr@noos.fr wrote on 2021/07/05
is it possible to get HDTV by the web internet or by satellite for people living in FRANCE(EUROPE)?
thank you for the answer

Comment from Admin.
HDTV services are available on the Astra satellite from Euroi1080. Two channels are provided on a limited time basis. See www.euro1080.tv and www.onlysat.com. For more information. HDTV may also be available experimentally on some cable systems, but we do not have anything on that at the moment. HDTV on the Internet is difficult due to the highbit rate around 15 Mbps required.
1 10/21/2004 
9:57 AM
TVHD au Québec
Les services de TVHD disponibles en français
8 12/20/2004 
10:51 AM
Signal, no picture or sound
On 2021/06/01
I have a Toshiba 51HX93 with a Terk TV55 antenna. I receive Ch 39(CBS) and 43(PBS) from Buffalo. On Saturday May 29 at 11:30AM I had a signal strength of 78 on Ch 43. At the same time I had signal strength of 88 on Ch14, 94 on Ch32 and 84 on Ch38. The puzzle is that none of these channels produced any picture or sound, with higher signal strength than Ch 43. Does anyone know why?
I also get a signal strength of 62 on Ch 33(NBC) but again no picture or sound. Why?

On 2021/06/08
I live in east Burlington. I have a Toshiba 51HX93 which has a signal strength meter. I am using a Terk TV55 amplified antenna. At this very moment I am receiving ch43-1 (PBS) from Buffalo perfectly clear with a signal reading of 78. I am receiving ch39-1&2 (CBS) from Buffalo also with a clear picture at a strength of 86. What mystifies me is I am getting a signal strength of 82 on Ch 38-1 (ABC) but the set tells me the "Digital signal strength is too low". What gives? Why is 78 on Ch43 OK but 82 on Ch 38 too low? This doesn't compute!

Comment from Admin.
In East Burlington I would expect you would be able to receive all the Buffalo channels (32, 33, 38, 39, 43), the Toronto channels (53, 66) and the Hamilton channels (15, 21) without too much difficulty. One thing you should realize is that HD receivers can operate on the virtual channel number carried in the PSIP data and from this make the connection to the physical channel in which it is carried. For instance, WIVB in Buffalo transmits its analog signal on ch. 4 and two, sometimes three program services on channel 39. Channel WNED transmits an analog service on ch. 17 and three digital services on channel 43 (43-1 is HD, 43-2 is SD and 43-3 is Think B) In these cases the virtual channel is the real channel. Some broadcasters desire to keep the channel branding in the virtual channel names. If WNED did this then 17-0 would be the analog service and 17-1, 17-2 and 17-3 would be the digital services. When your receiver scans the channels for data when first turned on or on command, it should work all this out if the PSIP data is encoded correctly at the station. This is not always the case and I note that the ones you get are the ones using the physical channel identification. I suspect that the problem you are encountering is due to the fact that the receiver tuning is confused by erroneous or missing PSIP data. Have good look at the user guide and consult with Toshiba customer service if needed.
2 12/13/2004 
11:53 AM
Cable vs.Satellite
I am interested in getting into HDTV but I would like to know if Satellite or Cable is a better bet. What are the HDTV bit rates and who has more real HDTV programming? Has anyone done a real comparison?
1 06/18/2004 
5:39 PM
Subject to local blackout,
Bell Expressvu indicates that any of it's current HD offerings are subject to local blackout. Can anyone explain this? Also, when I watch a show that is simulcast on an American station and a Canadian station I see the Canadian broadcast even when I am tune into the American station. How does Expressvu handle this on the HD channels?
3 08/19/2004 
8:16 AM
HD Televisions
Specifics and questions on models
55 01/18/2005 
5:06 PM
Home Theaters
How to get an HD cinema in the living room
8 12/21/2004 
2:28 AM
HDTV Coverage
Where and how to get HDTV off-air
34 12/24/2004 
12:38 PM
Set -top Boxes
Terrestrial, satellite and cable
25 01/01/2005 
12:26 PM
Terrestial Broadcast & Reception
Can you suggest what constitutes a suitable antenna for US OTA signals in border areas sucg as Oakville, ON?
2 01/21/2004 
1:55 PM
OTA in Vancouver
Any info on receiving OTA hdtv in Vancouver area either Canadian or US signals
3 10/11/2004 
2:20 AM
HDTV and CableCARD Technology
This week, Sony Television announced a new line of TVs scheduled for release later in 2004 that will come equipped with an integrated ATSC/NTSC HD tuner to receive over the air HD broadcasts. In addition, these televisions will use CableLabs CableCARD interface to obtain the HDTV signal from the local cable operator. This will eliminate the requirement for the external set-top box or HDTV decoder currently required to obtain the HDTV signals. Do the cable companies in Canada, such as Rogers , use the CableCard interface ? If they do, is there a cost to obtain this CableCard ?
5 10/19/2004 
8:51 PM
HDTV Owner & Disapointed
Ive just purchased a Toshiba 57 inch HDTV wide screen 16.9 format . Iam extremly disapointed with alot of the TV signals , I have a Digital Box that i purchased , and still my reception is worst than regular analog Cable signals. is it my wires? Connection?
10 10/12/2004 
10:32 PM
canada dtv station listings,by city,channel #,and are in service,how can i find this info
4 02/19/2004 
9:21 PM
HD OTA in Ottawa
When can we see HD OTA in Ottawa? Also, I've always heard that broadcast HD results in a better picture (less compression, higher bit rate) than HD over satellite or cable. Is this still true?
5 12/13/2004 
11:46 AM