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Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Join CDTV ….

  1. Gain Exposure as a DTV supporter …

By being associated with Canadian Digital Television

CDTV will showcase your company by listing it on CDTV’s web site with a hyperlink to your site

New members are also promoted in our quarterly newsletters

  1. Informative Events & Networking Opportunities

Get information first-hand by attending member-only seminars, DTV Road tours, CDTV Annual Business Meeting, etc.

  1. Gateway to Global DTV Developments

Benefit from CDTV’s association with world-wide leading organizations, such as ATSC, EBU, NABA, etc.

     7.  Effective Lobbyist & Recognized by the Canadian Government

Because CDTV is an established and credible source of DTV information in Canada

It represents its members concerns and views to government officials

  1. On-Going research & testing

CDTV is continuously monitoring the US developments and conducting research to ensure the smooth and timely roll-out of DTV in Canada.

DTV Test transmitter site approved in Ottawa, CDTV was granted its licence by the CRTC to operate experimental DTV testing.  Test Transmitter also operational in Toronto and Montreal.

  1. Competitive advantage

Most likely your competitor is a member … gain the edge on your competitors by shaping your digital future now as opposed to waiting for digital to come to you.

CDTV is developing business models for market entry of DTV services and members will get the information first-hand.

  1. Information & Resources

Access to the latest DTV information via …

Member-only quarterly newsletters

DTV Retailer/Consumer Pamphlets

Web Site exclusive members only entrance

  1. Committees & Working Groups

Opportunity to participate on various Working Groups (Technical; Production & Training; Communications Policy & Regulation; Education & Communications).  Committees such as:  Picture Quality Assessment Group, Distribution Capacity Issues, HD Program Rights, Marketing Sub Committee, Test Transmitter Committees (Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto), etc.

  1. Collective Voice of its members

One voice, one vision, one mandate

CDTV is influential in representing the views of its members from Canada’s leading broadcasters, pay & specialty services, satellite, producers, manufacturers, etc. to leading government officials and key decision-makers

    And the #1 reason

Is to have a say in formulating Canada’s digital future by being a member of the organization responsible for the transition from analog to digital.