June 2000 Newsletter Articles (Word format)

Message from the President
(Michael McEwen)

CRTC visits CRC

World Television Forum by

CDTV President, Michael McEwen

Production & Training Working Group Up & Running by
Doug Mackenzie, CDTV Co-Chair, Production & Training Working Group

Economic & Marketing Working Group Update by
Don Braden, Chair of the Economic & Marketing Working Group

CDTV's Technology Working Group to look at Video Formats, by
Lou Montana, Vice-Chair, CDTV Technical Working Group

CDTV Ottawa Field Tests - Preliminary Results

ATSC Task Force on RF System Performance, by

Bruce Cowan, CHUM Television

Video Quality Experts Group Update by
Philippe Corriveau, CRC

News from ITU-R by
Metin Akgun of CRC

CBS Senior VP Joe Flaherty speaks to CSUA conference


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