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Technical Working Group

Test transmitter development
           –Test allotments and RF issues

•Other technical work:

–Conversion of ATSC transmission standard to BDU delivery standards
–Carriage of services on cable and satellite
–STL requirementS
–Backhaul requirements
–Datacasting ... Program multiplex issues
–Delivery to satellite, cable, etc.( DVB to ATSC and reverse)
–Production related issues: e.g.

–Distant signal carriage, investigate interference from new DTV transmitters on Distant signals acquired at cable headends
–Impact of digital signals on analogue cable
–Restricted channels and Priority Carriage
–Formats/common formats…..picture lag
–Capacity of cable channels..fixed and statistically multiplexed signals… Remixed signals and error potential
–Captioning ... 3:2 pull down issue
–Program Guide issues ... navigational
–Icons and wide screen guides
–Reduced bit rate initiatives ... 1080I with reduced bit rate, investigate as a transition strategy
–Flexibility of terminal equipment
–Advance modulation, need modulation schemes beyond current activity for satellite
–Capacity: bandwidth issues and bit rate. The need to focus on the management of bandwidth for HDTV/SDTV services
–Pre-processing of programs for compression in digital
–Training for the production community
–VBI issues: auxiliary data, captions and V-Chip
–On screen information: ratings, bug, weather warnings
–Costs of production, the price paid is dropping while the costs go up
–The need for very high capacity Microwave for spectrum management and testing
–Conditional Access, copyright and copy protection


Technical Working Group Accomplishments in the Past Year: