Test Transmitter Licence approved

Mr. Michael Mc Ewen
155 Queen Street, Suite 1204
Ottawa, Ontario
1P 6L1

Dear Sir:

This is with reference to your letter dated September 8, 2021 concerning a proposal to establish a temporary experimental DTV transmitter at Ottawa, Ontario.

On behalf of the Minister, I am pleased to advise that CDTV Inc. is hereby authorized to establish a temporary DTV transmitter for the period of October 12, 2021 to September 30,2021 as follows:

Location:                                    Ottawa, Ontario

Site co-ordinates:                         45-13-01 NL
                                                  75-33-51 WL

 Channel:                                    67 (788-794 Mhz)

Effective radiated power:            32.73 kW Average
                                             48.42 kW
                                               Maxiinum @0.40beamtilt

Effective antenna height
above average terrain:    
             215.4 metres

Antenna pattern:                         Directional

You may now proceed with the establishment of the undertaking in conformity with the particulars shown in the associated technical brief dated September 1999.

The total antenna structure(s) including, as applicable, antenna(s), guy wires, obstruction painting and/or lighting, must be maintained in accordance with current Transport Canada requirements.

It should be noted that this authority is granted on a special case basis, and that the transmitter will have a secondary status with respect to established broadcast undertakings. Should the operation of your experimental transmitter cause interference to existing TV broadcasting undertakings or to other radio services, remedial measures would have to be taken by you evcn to the extent of ceasing operation if necessary.

Please contact Mr. Gerard Piette of our Eastern Ontario District Office at (613) 998-3696 to make the necessary arrangements for the commencement of transmissions.

Yours truly,
P. Vaccani
Broadcast Application Engineering
Radiocommunications and Broadcasting
Regulations Branch