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Isn’t HD production expensive?

Production of High Definition programming used to be a very expensive proposition; however, costs have fallen dramatically, particularly in the past 2 years. Currently, the industry standard for incremental HD production cost for most television programming is estimated to be an additional 10 – 15%.

I’ve heard it can be challenging switching to HD because of all the technical issues?

While there are many more choices to be made in Digital HD production than in analogue production, switching for most people is a relatively painless and easy task. This is particularly true if you do a bit of homework and find an experienced HD production team.

Who’s producing HD in Canada?

HD production has been going on in Canada for years.  The bulk of the production right now in HD is with network sports, dramatic series and movies. However, over the past year, a rapidly growing number of independent producers are shooting and mastering to HD formats. Growth has been particularly strong in Factual and Documentary programming. 

Why should I produce in HD if my broadcaster does not ask for it?

High Definition Production is very rapidly being considered the new world standard for professional broadcast programming. HD is replacing NTSC as a deliverable for a growing number of broadcasters in North America and Europe. Even if your broadcaster does not ask for it today, shooting and mastering in HD is highly recommended to protect your assets in the coming years, particularly if your program has any shelf life.

Which Canadian Broadcasters are producing in HD

All of the major Canadian Broadcasters are now showing and producing their own HD content, and many specialty channels are starting to produce in HD as well.

Is there special funding for HD?

Currently there is no special funding in Canada for HD production, either from broadcasters or funding agencies. There has been some discussion on some special tax credits but to date there have been no announcements.

Which HD format is the best for me to use?

Choice of HD formats depends on many factors; however, it is up to the producer to investigate each of the formats available. There are many more choices than ever before, so it is wise to check your broadcast delivery specs to see what your broadcaster prefers. A sample HD broadcast delivery sheet can be found on the HD Tools section of this site.

What is the official transition date to HD in the USA and Canada?

There is no official transition date to HDTV. However broadcasters are in the United States are mandated to turn off their analogue (NTSC) transmission in April 2009 and switch to digital transmission. Contrary to popular belief, there is no official HD strategy. HD is simply the highest form of digital broadcasting.

Currently Canada has no official transition plans or specific analogue shut off date.

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