Technological progress never stops, but there are some key things to keep in mind. The picture quality, and display type (LCD, CRT, Plasma, LCOS, DLP and others)  will be a subjective choice. We’d recommend that you look at a 16×9 aspect ratio, in a screen size appropriate for your room. You may decide on a set with a built-in HD tuner, or a set without that, which would be HD Ready, and then would require an HD set-top box to receive and display HD. The other issue is connectivity and many manufacturers are adding digital input connections (DVI and /or HDMI) to their product offerings. Either one is advisable for future connectivity. The other element to consider is the CableCard feature, which is being introduced slowly.  In the future this will enable you to use a Cable Card, (like a PCM-IA card), from your cable/satellite provider, instead of a set top box. All good questions to ask your retailer about. As they say, technology never stops.

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