HDTV is revolutionizing the TV industry in much the same way that CD’s changed the recorded music business. The end result will be that you will enjoy significantly improved picture and sound quality with HDTV, but the process of recording, delivering and displaying the program is new. Virtually every TV set manufacturer is aggressively marketing HD-Ready or HD sets with built-in ATSC digital tuners. And pricing on these sets has dropped dramatically, as economies of scale unfold. Purchasing an HDTV, or an HD-Ready TV is now no more expensive that regular projection sets were a couple of years ago. The advantage of buying one of these sets now, is that it enables you to enjoy the finest visual and audio experience available, when watching HDTV programming. 

A true HDTV Television will be able to display analogue, SDTV, and HDTV signals, both audio and video, in their optimum format and quality, as intended by the original content provider.

The programmer and the signal provider will determine the kind of signal (SD or HD) you get.

The kind of television you have will determine the quality of picture and sound (SD, ED, or HD) you will enjoy. 

So, the answer is… whenever you are ready enjoy HDTV - the finest quality television content in the world. There is a lot of content available right now, and more being created every day. 

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