United States. The major networks, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS and Fox are broadcasting HD in prime time throughout the US, and currently over 95% of U.S. homes now have access to HDTV signals. By April 2006 over 1550 stations serving 211 US markets were broadcasting DTV, although they must simulcast their programming in NTSC until February 2009.

Canada. At this time (early 2006) HDTV broadcasts are available over-the-air in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. In addition, in certain border cities, HDTV broadcasts from the adjacent US cities can be received. The content from Canadian HDTV broadcasters is also available on Cable and DTH in many markets. Contact your service provider for programming and availability information. Digital broadcasting license applications for the other broadcasters and networks are in process before the CRTC and new HDTV stations are expected to be on-air shortly.

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