There is no question that HDTV is much better than the analogue system we’ve been used to.

Vastly Superior Picture Performance. Broadcasters are now be able to transmit pictures with a quality far superior to today’s NTSC television system or any other picture source currently available (e.g. VCR, DVD and Laser Disc).

New Wide screen Format. HDTV provides for a wide screen presentation similar to what you see in movie theatres. The new screen has a width-to-height (or aspect) ratio of 16:9 compared to today’s 4:3 width-to-height ratio on conventional television sets.

Wider Aspect Ratio. See the illustration below.

Clearer Pictures. HDTV eliminates “snow” and ghosting.

Better Color. HDTV delivers exceptionally vivid colors – including subtle purples and reds – and  eliminates any bleeding of colors at the edges…

Multi-Channel Digital Sound Quality. HDTV provides highly advanced Dolby Digital Audio, also known as AC3, with 5.1 discrete audio channels.

Future Possibilities. HDTV uses a high bit-rate channel, which will mean broadcasters will be capable of transmitting new value-added services, such as Interactive TV,  to consumers in the near future.

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